6 Principles to Help You Choose the Right Language School in Singapore

As a result of increased demand for schools globally, many private schools have emerged in a bid to rake in the vast profits that come along with it. This has further led to the emergence of private schools that do not meet the required standards. When thinking about choosing a language school, you should ask yourself several critical questions so that you do not end up selecting a sham school. This article seeks to delve into the items that you need to ask yourself before choosing the school that suits your needs. These questions include:

What Is The Language Schools’ Philosophy? 

Different private or public schools have various reasons for their existence and operations. It is essential to know the values of the school that you have shortlisted. This will help you understand the school better and whether it suits your learning It would help if you did not choose a school that is not in tune with your goals. You can begin by questioning critical elements of the philosophy and how it fits with the school’s mission and how it is applied in the classrooms.

What Curriculum does the language School Offer? 

Language schools can use different curriculums to educate their students. It is, therefore, critical to look at the Curriculum that the school is using. The type of Curriculum determines the kind of learning used and defines the profile of the school. It would help if you did not choose a curriculum that does not build upon your goals. You can quickly establish whether the Curriculum of the school is right for you by checking whether you meet its exceptions.

What Is The Class Size? 

The size of the class is one of the essential aspects that you need to prioritize when choosing a language school. The size of the course determines the relationship between the teachers and their students. It is recommended that you choose a school with small classes as these make learning and the relationship with the teacher better. Apart from the small classes, you need to ask yourself whether the language school offers personalized learning, and if teaching assistants are available. Massive courses, on the contrary, tend to hinder learning as they reduced the amount of time a teacher can give to one student. Always look for a language school that offers you an environment that is conducive to learning.

Is The Language School Accredited?

Accreditation means that the school is given a license by the government. Edu Trust is the system used to accredit language schools in Singapore. This is important because it shows that the school provides essential services to the students: qualified teachers, facilities, a well-planned curriculum, and student testing methods to assess their progress.

Where Is The Language School Located?

What makes an ideal language school location? Many students think of learning in large cities because they are popular. The cost of living in these large cities may be high and hence consider schools located in smaller cities near large cities so that you can enjoy both.

Does The Language School Have A Well-Defined Student Support Services? 

Some language schools provide classes, while others provide activities, workshops, and other events. Look for a language school that offers these other services as this is a demonstration that the school seeks to develop a complete student.

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