An insurance course involves the major topics covered in the licensing insurance exams that includes the pass of the exams to enable an individual to legally write and sell insurance policy. Due to the recent pandemic affecting the whole world, most of the courses was moved online, despite most of the requirements of insurance types being similar, they have a little difference that makes them vary depending on an insurance type one is intending to provide.  

There are plenty of insurance courses available for students who are interested in online learning and fully get online certificate, bachelor’s degree and also graduate degree programs in insurance and risk management. Such courses include: life insurance, health insurance, principles of insurance and risk management, property insurance, disability insurance and flood insurance are among the online insurance courses during the pandemic. 

Life insurance  

Students learn this course to gain experience of writing life insurance agreements. They learn different annuity ideas which include double indemnity insurance policies. Apart from this, they are able to learn other life insurance policies PNC Learning Online

Health insurance  

This is a course that involves the general view of what health insurance cover plans and technique entails to an individual client. It prepares the training individuals to work for an insurance company and sell cover for health insurance. 

Principles of insurance and risk management 

Learners taking this course gain knowledge and understanding in the whole industry of insurance. They are able to pinpoint and analyze contracts from various fields like property and health insurance and get to know how the professionals in the industry use the contracts in the real life situation both simple and complex. 

Property insurance  

In this course students are able to cover personal property insurance types that are available. This covers things like personal property, automobiles and homes. Learners should be in a position to know how to assess value of the property and write insurance agreements that covers the entire property value. 

Disability insurance  

In this course students study how the general work of disability insurance, different conditions under which it is provided or not, and how to write an agreement for it. They will also be able to learn different reasons why businesses or individuals reject it and how to solve such arguments, in addition they study how to adjust a contract to fit the clients needs. 

Flood insurance  

Flood insurance course is a specific online insurance course during the pandemic as students learn its basics and several types of flood insurance. They will be able to recognize the methods to service and give quotation of the policies. 

Bottom line  

To conclude, online insurance courses during the pandemic have been of great importance as many learners could have been stagnated with their studies or those who are interested in the course would have had nowhere to get studies. The above online courses has enable many learners to complete them and get their certification.