Home is where one spends most of their free time, be it just relaxing or spending some quality family time. What better way is there to give your home that warm, cozy feeling other than beautifying it? Well, in this article, we get to know how to use vintage license plates for interior décor and give it that artistic yet attractive look. 

Vintage license plates 

These are actually the original number plates issued to vehicles in the year when they were manufactured. This implies that these vintage license plates are usually unique and you would hardly find one that resembles another. Many individuals love to collect these vintage plates as a hobby and use them for DIY (do it yourself) projects or even just for the purpose of different decorations. 

Availability of vintage license plates 

Most vintage license plates are from old vehicles that are no longer in use. However, availability of these plates is highly dependent on the country one is in. It is easy to acquire these plates in areas such as various states in America however that may not be the same case in other countries. This is because of the strict rules that have to be followed when acquiring them. Not to worry though as the internet has made it easier for collectors as these vintage license plates are available in many e-marketplaces at quite affordable pricings. 

You may wonder what one may actually do with vintage license plates especially considering that most of these are old and were probably out for dumping. Well here’s a few ways one could use these vintage plates for interior décor: 

  • One could use them to fill up the ceiling as it adds more color to it. It creates a beautiful pattern as well as dilutes the monotonous one color pattern of most ceilings. 
  • These vintage plates can be folded into shapes to make pencil cups and even magazine holders in study places around the house. This allows for better organization of materials adding to the fact that these also beautify a room. 
  • They can also be used to make tiny tables to use in the living room as well as rest areas. These are usually artistic with different colors that should most certainly much the room’s color pattern. 
  • Vintage plates are also used to make strong mirror frames and even bedside homemade lamps. These being beautiful decors that one could actually make on their own without the help of an interior designer. 
  • They can also be used to make coat racks that are stuck onto walls as well as making wall arts in a kid’s room such a car picture with an actual vintage license plate. This would really excite a child who loves cars and they would totally find it exciting. 

There’s actually many wonderful things one could make out of these vintage license plates and not limiting to the ones mentioned above. If you are that one person who gets excited in finding new ways to decorate your place, this is definitely a piece to try work with. 

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