Some facts about the Korean Language

Many people believe that the Korean language originated from a single cultural source. The Korean language is under the Altaic family of languages. What makes it difficult for researchers to establish the origin of the language is the long history of contact with Japanese and Chinese. 

It takes about nighty days to learn the language and at least a conversation of four minutes a day. There are many benefits of learning Korean but I want us to look at some of them. 

Six benefits of learning Korean language

1. Better understanding of Korean cultures

A large number of people choose to learn Korean because of their well-known movies and TV shows. Most Korean music fans are content using subtitles. Learning Korean can help you have a high understanding of Korean shows and songs. 

2. You can work in Korean companies

Knowing Korean language can boost you chance of working in their companies. This is much considered as a skill they can use to fetch more customers through convincing and persuasions. If you are planning to work in any of these corporations it’s advisable to learn the language. 

3. It will boost you brain power

When you learn a new language it helps you stimulate your mind and it keeps you healthy. 

Learning Korean vocabularies and comprehensions enhance one’s brain power. 

4. Brings in New opportunities 

Speaking Korean could enable you help someone else. For instance you found a Korean struggling to explain something in English, by knowing Korean you can bridge the gap and translate the concept. 

5. Better travelling experience 

It’s a thing that is so much embarrassing going into a place and you find you are the odd one out. With the understanding of Korean language, you can travel to many places like Singapore and feel you are part of that place. It is much easier to interact with people when you know their language. 

6 Korean is a logic language

This language uses a system known as hangul. It is regarded as one of the most logic and scientific language system worldwide. Korean alphabets are simple to read and understand and by this you will be able to learn Korean basics. 

In conclusion, there are a lot of endless Benefits of learning Korean . Knowing Korean will depend on your effort and input in researching about it. You can still add your knowledge on Korean through reading books and listening to their music. The best and easy way you can learn this language is by the help of a Korean teacher because you need to know the right pronunciations and grammar e.t.c.

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